Postcards & Penpals Letters on the Way!

Postcards that left Mailbox Happiness (which is me even though I refer to myself as Mailbox Happiness on occasion) this week.  I can't tell you how many times I've tried to keep a log of what or how many items I send/receive on a daily/weekly basis. 

I love to see year end statistics from others and wish I could find a way to keep a record that works for me.  Do you track your incoming/outgoing mail?  What do you use?  Paper, electronic?  Maybe it's just something else for me to do...thinking...thinking...thinking.

Penpal Letter on the way to someone dear today.  I'm hoping this envelope doesn't totally scream Valentine's Day, that wasn't my intention...but it's the first thing I thought when I finished it. 

I have a thing for vintage (my term) old books (what my kids call them) and this address label is from one written in 1947.

A little note sent along to another penpal, I know it might seem rather plain but it has meaning to me.  She sent along a small piece of pretty fabric and I wanted to re-purpose it and send it back to her.

I stamped one piece and put it on the front of the card (forgot a pic) and made a heart sticker out of another part which you see on the front of the envelope.  My heart isn't perfect but it's made by me with love and on the way back to her.
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  1. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    Lovely lovely lovely. Can't wait to receive my letter. :) I like how you decorated it. I like hearts and vintage (old) books. :)
    I log all of my mail, incoming and outgoing. I bought a notebook with grid paper.
    Notebook 6 colors BASIC ™ I use the different colored sections for the different pieces of mail. For instance, I use the blue section for all of my outgoing postcrossings. I log the ID no., Name, Country and Date I sent as well as the date it was registered. Red is for incoming postcrossings, green is for all of my swap-bot swaps, purple is for mail to and from other bloggers, gray is for anything to or from sendsomething and turquoise is for any mail sent or received from family. It's been working for me so far but I think I'm going to change how I log my penpals. I bought my spiral notebook at Barnes & Noble. The brand is Miquelrius. You can find it here.

  2. Ciara Kay Says:

    I've never considered keeping a log!! I may just have to do that... Not to late to start tracking 2013! =)

  3. Lovely mail again. :) Just love to see these posts too.

    Yes, I do keep track of my incoming and outgoing mail. I write it all down in my agenda and then at the end of the year, I count everything. :) I use the color red for my outgoing mail and green for my incoming mail, so I can see very soon what I've posted and what I've got. :) Hope you have something about this, else I can send you a photo of 2 pages of my agenda... ?

    Mariska and have a nice weekend!

  4. wow! the stamps of the second pic are just amazing!!!

  5. Denise Says:

    Oh, I love the envelope in that second picture! What do you use for stickum when you decorate envelopes? I decorated my first one today. It's pretty simple but I like it. I think it needs a little more work but for a first attempt, it's not bad. I'm curious what others use, though.

    I just recently started logging incoming and outgoing mail and for now I use a simple spiral notebook. I'd love to have a letter ledger but until it's in the budget the spiral will do. :)

  6. Melissa Says:

    Your envelops are inspiring! Great job!

    I dont keep a log of everything that I mail....but I do keep track of when I send things to friends and relatives, that way I wont forget.
    ( I put a quick note on their "3 x 5" address card..that I keep in a "3 x 5" index card holder divided alphabetically )

    Have a awesome weeekend!

  7. Love the idea of the fabric heart :)