Postcards, Stamps & a Letter On the Way

Postcards, stamps & a letter on the way
that's what it's about today! ;)

Oh boy, I love having a large selection of postcards to choose from!  It's gives me the opportunity to almost always find something from my partners favorites or wishlist and hopefully when they open their mailbox it brings them an instant smile!  I know it does for me! You?

I finally purchased the new USA Lunar New Year stamps, love them!

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  1. Denise Says:

    I love postcards, too! I haven't been able to find any good ones locally so ordered a few from Missive Maven's Etsy site and have my eye on a few others. I also have the plain ones the PO sells and am experimenting with decorating them. Oy, what an adventure!

  2. My collection of postcards is also huge! :) I can also almost always find a card they want (mostly via Postcrossing I mean or for my postcardpals).
    Love all your postcards! :) Also I love your stamps! We usually don't have nice or special stamps for outside the Netherlands. Even PostNL took the Postcrossingstamps out of their collection, so I can't order them anymore. I'm so upset with that. Hope they can bring it back. xxx

  3. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    My postcard collection is substantial too and I love being able to choose the perfect card for someone. I love those kitten postcards, so cute. I love trains and quotes too. It's funny that you have one of Hearst Castle because I was just talking about Hearst Castle last night with my husband. Synchronicity!

  4. Marina Says:

    I love the first one, such a great quote!!

  5. Amit Says:

    The postcards are really great and I love those beautiful Lunar New Year stamps.They are really amazing!