Well Hello Letters & Postcards, Come Right In

Yippeee, Skippee...another day of awesome mail! 

Letters arrived from Troy & a penpal in Germany. 
Camera batteries went dead, such a shame too because Troy used a wonderful wax seal on his letter and totally fab colors of ink!  Sadly, he gets letters from me written in regular pen.

Happy Valentine's Day
Valentine Cards are still arriving, love this!
Arrived from Australia

Australia Stamps
Stamps are mini works of art to me, these are fantastic!

Street View of Paris France
Wonderful street view of Paris, France

White Bunny Rabbit
Snow White Bunny Rabbit-Pretty, Pretty, Pretty

France Stamp
France Stamp

Pretty Jetoy
Oh so pretty Jetoy Cat Card!

China Stamps
China Stamps

Ben Turpin & Charlie Chaplin
BenTurpin & Charlie Chaplin-1915

Germany Stamp
Germany Stamp
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  1. shannah Says:

    Got your letter today! Will reply soon :D