Beautiful Incoming Mail

My mailbox has been filled with wonderful mail the last few days, here are a couple of pieces that really made me swoon!

Lovely Writing on Envelope Incoming Mail 2.7.12

When I gave Troy over at Penpal from Northeastern Colorado my address for the Month of Letters Project, I had no idea what a treat I was in for.  His handwriting made me giddy, look at it...just beautiful!  I wish I could show you inside of the letter where my eyes skipped with delight over every word. 

Sweet Fairies Reading

Sweet Fairies Reading

This sweet, adorable and lovely fairy card arrived from Shannah at Write Before Your Eyes.  I love every little detail on this card and the words written inside!

Oh Happy Mail Days! 
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  1. shannah Says:

    oh there's a letter from me! ;) glad it arrived safe and sound!