Cards of Happiness at the 2809!

Last week was crazy and super hectic, I kept wanting to post but you know there's a thing called life! :)
Snow View of The Cathedral of the Michael the Archanel
A beautiful snowy, winter view of The Cathedral of Michael the Archanel in Moscow, Russia.

Happy Old Lady
A very sweet and happy looking old lady, it looks like she has a lifetime of wonderful memories tucked away inside. 
Arrived from Germany

Germany Stamps
Germany Stamps

Limoon-Poppies of the Moon
I love Limoon Correspondance cards.  The colors are bright, vibrant and happy!
Arrived from Netherlands

One More Day with You-Jimmy Liao
One More Day with You by Taiwan picture book writer Jimmy Liao.
On back of card:
I used to think that people who brought happiness to others were never sad.
Now I know that some people are still trying to bring happiness to others even when they are at the saddest moment.

Taiwan Stamps-Year of the Dragon
Taiwan Stamps including Year of the Dragon
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  1. Rita Says:

    what beautiful postcards, i do postcrossing and I wish to receive cards as beautiful as your, i´m followin your blog
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  2. Angie Says:

    Thanks, I'm following you too!