A Smackerel of Mail

Another Happy Mail Day at the 2809!  Actually, any day I get something other than the dreaded bills, junk and flyers is a Happy Mail Day! Let's get to it~

Incoming Mail 2.3.12
Wonderful penpal letters arrived both from the USA.  Cloudy and rainy days=yucky pictures.

Soumi Finland Mapcard
Postcrossing FI-1314752
Soumi, Finland Winter Scenes & Mapcard
Arrived from Finland

Finland Stamp
Finland Stamp

Opfelchiiechli-Swiss Dessert with Apples
Postcrossing CH-99944
Opfelchuechli is a dessert with apples.
Arrived from Switzerland

Switzerland Stamps
Switzerland Stamps

Kliban's Cats
Kliban's Cats made an appearance at the 2809...bounce, bounce, bounce!  Happy!

USA New Mexico Statehood Stamp
USA-Statehood of New Mexico Stamp

Merry Christmas-Russia
Yes, as you may or may not know...I love Christmas Cards and this one from Russia which shows a Cathedral set back in the snow is beautiful. 
Arrived from Russia

Russia Stamps
Russia Stamps

Today isn't going by without some mail departing-Outgoing Mail 2.3.12

Outgoing Mail 2.3.12
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