Arrival-Departure & Thrift Store Stationery

I say to Hello to Letters.
I say Goodbye to Letters.
Ebb & Flow.
And so the loveliness goes.

Incoming Mail
A wonderful letter from Otto in Germany.
I am helping her with English and she's the first person who can't read all of my handwriting.  I love that she scans the pages and highlights the words she can't read for me so I can write them more clearly for her.

Outgoing Mail 2.27.12
Letter to Corinna in Germany.  I realize my envelope is a bit lacking here but I'm not a gifted, talented artist.  My grandmother and daughter (thankfully) have those gifts, I just try to make the best of what creativity I don't have.  ;)

Outgoing 2.28.12
Meredith's Official Postcrossing Cards today. 
It's very unusual to get two profiles that request old cars, we happen to have cards to fit that perfectly!

Thrift Store Stationery
While on the last Thrift Store trip where I always look for stationery (etsy and ebay aren't always budget friendly), I found this lovely brand new Pink & White Stationery.  It was $1.91 and anything with a Y or yellow tag was an additional 35% off.  Translates to dirt cheap for this girl. ;)

Pink & White Floral Stationery
Pretty paper in the box still tied with the original pink string and all pretty envelopes are accounted for, score for me!  You may see it in your mailbox soon!
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