My Mailman brings more Valentine Love!

Valentine's Day & When Pigs Fly...a nice assortment don't you think! ;)
You know we can't control the Post Office of different countries so holiday cards often arrive after the holiday, doesn't matter to me.  I still love and enjoy them the same!

Happy Valentine's Day-Sweet Children
Happy Valentine's Day!
Arrived from Finland

Finland Stamp
Finland Stamp

I Love You
A Reflection of my feelings.  I Love You
Arrived from Taiwan with no postage attached.

Heart Shaped Lollipop
It appears this lady likes the heart shaped lollipop.
Arrived from Ukraine

Heart Love-Happy Valentine's Day
Hearts of Love
Arrived from India

India Stamp
India Stamp

When Pigs Fly
Official Postcrossing NL-1000895
When Pigs Fly!
Arrived from Netherlands

Netherland Stamp
Netherland Stamp
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