Oh Hello! Mail from Russia & Belarus

Oh Hello, little mailbox.  Did you say you have mail for me from Russia & Belarus?  Well, come right in and make yourself at home!
View of the Red from Spasskaya Tower-Russia

I'm always, always, always thrilled to get cards from Russia!  I was lucky enough to receive this one from my Postcrossing Favorites.  A view of Red Square from the Spasskaya Tower.

Russia Stamps

Russia Stamps
Russia Stamps...Beautiful

Batyga & Vassiki Ignatievich
Official Postcrossing BY-267699 This card travelled 110 days before arriving, I wonder where it was during all that time.  Beautiful Illustration, "Batyga and Vassili Ignatievich", by G. Metnikov (Palekh)
Arrived from Belarus

Belarus Stamps
Belarus Stamps
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