Mail Delivery, Mail Delivery...Oh, How I Love Thee!

My mailbox was full of wonderful surprises today and another letter is on the way!

Outgoing Mail 2.2.12
Letter to a penpal in the USA

Letters & Envelopes
Postcrossing US-151560
Anything related to mail, postal, writing, pens, pencils are favorite cards of mine so imagine the happiness when I opened my mailbox to find this card full of letters and envelopes...wheeeeee!
Arrived from USA

Beatrix Potter-The Arrival
Beatrix Potter-The Arrival, Unpublished. 
From a series of six paintings, collectively called The Rabbits' Christmas Party.  The paintings were created in the early 1890s.
Arrived from Russia

Russia Stamps
Russia Stamps

Chili's & Chocolate
Mmmmm...A little spicy chocolate!
Arrived from USA

USA Aloha Stamp
USA Aloha Stamp

Italian Christmas Card
A beautiful Christmas Card in Italian
Arrived from USA

USA Stamp-Christmas
USA Christmas Stamp
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