Pretty in Pink & Off to the Wild Blue Yonder!

Hello Mailman, what will you bring me today?  Here's a peek at what you will find to take off to the Wild Blue Yonder!  Oh Happy Day!

Pretty in Pink! 
Incoming Mail 1.29.12

This cute stationery really brightened my day upon it's arrival to the 2809! 
From my wonderful penpal in Italy!

Italy Stamps

I love this Christmas stamp, all the reindeer...Up...Up...And Away!

The week wouldn't start out right for me if I weren't sending out some Happiness to others, here's a peek at some of what's departing today!
Outgoing Mail 1.30.12
A letter to my penpal in Italy

Outgoing Mail 1.30.12
Cards off to: Russia, Italy & Lithuania

Outgoing Mail 1.30.12
Off To: Philippines, Russia, Lithuania, Austria
If you happen to read this and are a Superbowl or Dallas Cowboy's Fan, I have plenty of the Official Superbowl Cards pictured above and would be happy to trade with you!  My email is to the right.

Outgoing Mail 1.30.12
Arriving Soon in: Kazakhstan, England

Outgoing Mail 1.30.12
More Kliban Cats will have a new home in: Russia, Ukraine
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