My Mailman Delivers Happiness!

Saw my mailman and he told me that he loves bringing mail to my house, it's always different, nice, cool stamps to look at and overall makes him happy to have us on his route.  Here's what his dropoff included:

Incoming Mail 1.25.12
A wonderful letter from my penpal Ana!
Arrived from USA

Russians in Traditional Dress
A wonderful card showing Russians in Traditional Dress from my Postcrossing Favorites.
Arrived from Russia

Russia Stamps
Russia Stamps

Happy Valentine's Day
To The One I Love-Happy Valentine's Day
Arrived from Canada

Canada Stamps
Canada Stamps

Santa on Carousel
Santa Claus riding a Carousel
Arrived from The Netherlands

Netherland Stamp
Netherlands Stamp

Merry Christmas Santa from Poland
Merry Christmas Santa
Arrived from Poland

Poland Stamps
Poland Stamps

Beautiful Christmas Angels from Ukraine
Beautiful Christmas Angels
Arrived from Ukraine

Merry Christmas from Ukraine
Merry Christmas Card
Arrived from Ukraine

Ukraine Stamps
Ukraine Stamps
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