Mail Delivery at the 2809

Mail Delivery at the 2809=Happiness! Yesterday was no exception, Year of the Dragon, Valentine's Day and Christmas cards were all there just waiting for me to find them! 

Year of the Dragon-China
Fantastic Year of the Dragon Card arrived from China
Official Postcrossing Card CN-513042

China Stamps
China stamps on Year of the Dragon card

Yellow Roses-Happy Valentine's Day
Another Pretty Valentine Card arrived from Japan-Holiday RR

Japan Stamps
Japan stamps on Valentine Card

Ski Bunny Merry Christmas
Lucky for me, Christmas is still making an appearance in my mailbox. 
Irina sent me this from my favorites on Postcrossing.  I don't know about
you but when I get a card from my favorites, it makes my day!
Arrived from Belarus-Holiday RR

Belarus Stamps-Christmas
Belarus stamps on bunny card

Snowman-Natasha Chetkova
Irina also sent me this adorable snowman card from a favorite artist of mine, Natasha Chetkova.
Arrived from Belarus-Holiday RR

Belarus Christmas Stamp
Stamps on Belarus card
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