Mail, Mail, Mail...I Love Mail

I love seeing what's in the mailbox and yesterday brought plenty of goodness my way.

Incoming Mail .17.12

You might think it's a little early but I love holiday's and Valentine Cards are already making an appearance in my mailbox.
Happy Valentine's Day-Roses

Arrived from USA

Happy Valentine's Day-Candy

Arrived from USA

Happy Valentine's Day Cupids

Arrived from England

Matilda Stamp-England

Matilda stamp from England

Nouvelle Images Rabbits

Rabbits, Bunnies, balls of fluff.  I'm in love with Nouvelle Images cards which are so difficult to find here in the USA and impossible in my part of Texas.  Arrived from Japan.

Japan Stamps

Adorable Stamps from Japan

Snow Cat Skiing

Adorable Illustrated Cat Skiing, from Russia of course, they produce some of the best cards out there in my opinion.  Arrived from Russia.

Russia Christmas Stamp

Russia Christmas Ornament Stamp

Merry Christmas-Squirrel

Yes, I still feel lucky to have Christmas goodness arriving, makes me smile.  Arrived from Russia.

Russia Stamp

Another wonderful Russian Stamp.

A penpal letter from Donavan.  Happiness.
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