Mail at the 2809, Outgoing & Incoming

My outgoing mail for Friday included letters, cards and postcards going to:
I'm hoping for safe and speedy travel to their respective destinations.

Outgoing Mail 1.19.12

Onto the mail delivery, one of my favorite times of the day!

Texas-The Lone Star State

Back of Chain Card #176
My Chain Card #176 arrived home and I love all the stamps!
If you happen to like or love stamps, you can join the Chain Postcard RR over at Postcrossing

The Spectacles-Arches National Park-Utah
The Spectacles, Arches National Park-Utah
Arrived from Utah

USA Stamp & Mailer's Postmark
My first card to receive with a Mailer's Postmark Permit.

Toronto Nightview
Wonderful nightview of Toronto, nightviews are a favorite of mine.
Arrived from Canada

Canada Christmas Stamp
Canada Christmas Stamp

Vermont Mapcard
I collect mapcards and a friend of mine sent this Vermont card to me. 
Arrived from USA

Time for Tea
Time for relaxing tea.  From my favorites at Postcrossing, so happy to receive it!
Arrived from Finland

Finland Stamp
Finland Stamp

Snow Scene
We don't get much snow here in North Texas so this card was dreamy to me.
Arrived from Germany

Germany Stamp & Christmas Postmark
Isn't this Germany Christmas Postmark beautiful!

You know I love Christmas so here are the Christmas cards that arrived in the last few days. 

Cute Snowman
Cute little snowman
Arrived from Russia

Russia Stamps
Stamps from Russia

Santa Claus-Merry Christmas
It's no secret that I've developed a great love for cards from Russia and Santa Claus cards are no exception!
Arrived from Russia

Russia Stamps
Russia Stamps

Santa & Child
Wonderful Santa card!
Arrived from Russia

Russia Stamps
Stamps from Russia

Merry Christmas
Adorable Christmas Card
Arrived from Russia

Russia Stamps
Stamps from Russia
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