I Love Sending, I Love Receiving, I Love Mail!

Happiness continues to abound in my mailbox!

Incoming Mail 1.31.12
Another wonderful letter from my ever faithful penpal Donavan!  I know Donavan's stationery now, and his letters always come with a smile!
Arrived from USA

Incoming Mail 1.31.12
This wonderful package arrived from Neecie!  I love Norman Rockwell, Cats and anything Vintage!  Thank you Neecie, look for mail from me very soon!
Arrived from USA

Silke Leffler Fairy
I love Silke Leffler and Fairy cards, talk about happiness!
Arrived from Netherlands

Netherlands Postcrossing Stamp
The official Netherlands Postcrossing Stamp

Sweet Pink Cookies

Mmmmm...Don't these frosted cookies look fantastic!
Arrived from Germany

Germany Stamps
Germany Stamps

Happy Valentine's Day Bear & Heart
I love Holiday Cards, Hearts and Pink...Love this Valentine's Day Card!
Arrived from Finland

Finland Stamp
Finland Stamp

Buzz, Woody & The Gang-Toy Story
Buzz, Woody and The Gang from Toy Story!  I love movie cards, do you?
Arrived from USA

Outgoing Mail for the last couple of days:
Outgoing Mail 1.30.12

Outgoing Mail 1.30.12
Vintage Valentine Reprints arriving soon to:
Finland, USA, Taiwan, Ukraine, Russia, England, India

Outgoing Mail 1.30.12
 Off to: Lithuania, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands

Outgoing Mail 1.31.12
In Route to: USA, Belgium, The Netherlands, Czech Republic

Has your mailbox been full lately?  If you would like to exchange mail, my address is located on the right.
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