Thrift Stores are Lovely to Me

Thrift Stores are lovely to me
I never know what I'll see.
Cute old cards,
stationery in a box,
all long forgotten
but still perfect for thoughts.

Home they come
all safe and sound,
time to get ready for another
go around.

Before they depart
I make a few changes,
they get a fresh new look and
now are ageless.

I'm always happy to see boxes like this sitting on a thrift store shelf.  Discarded by prior owners, ignored by other shoppers and just waiting for someone (like me) to give it a new home.  Priced at $1.99, that's just fine. 

Took that old worn lid off and found a treasure chest!

Several vintage fold and sends complete with the seals.  I love them all but the one with dogs is my favorite.

Pink, Blue and Cream Stationery with matching envelopes.

Love the edges of this stationery.

Beautiful Gold & White Stationery, this is what originally came in the box.  It's all perfect, in pristine condition...Oh Happy Day!

Purple Polka Dot Iris Stationery

Pink & White Floral Envelopes. 

Loved these little Thank You cards-

The back part of these sweet Thank You card's were bent and a bit too yellowed for my taste.  I cut the backs off and attached the fronts to a kraft paper card and then added a little coordinating washi/paper tape.  All freshened up and ready to travel. 

I jumped at the chance to pay only a $1.00 for this New Unused Vintage Box of Hallmark Stationery 50 Sheets. 

The paper was very basic with nothing printed on it, perfect for me.

Time to dress it up a little-

I'm not sure how but stamps always seem to make their way home with me. ;)  I just picked out a few and some of my favorite color inks and stamped away.

A colorful handmade envelope to complete a little stationery set.

I love bright and happy colors.

Thank You to whomever donated all the wonderful goodies to the thrift store, you made me so happy!  Do you shop at thrift stores too? 

3 Responses
  1. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    Wow, what a treasure of paper you found at the thrift store. I shop at thrift stores occasionally. I love those puppy notecards too. They are so precious. You made out like a bandit. SCORE :)

  2. Amit Says:

    I love that gold and white stationery. I always love such old and classic things. It's good that you did not delay in buying it.

  3. Christina Says:

    Yes...I definitely love thrift stores! I also really love checking out estate sales for old paper ephemera! :) Congrats on your great finds!