Christmas Envelope Decorating on the Cheap!

I love to add Holiday Cheer to my Christmas Cards before they hit the road but I'm also a girl on a budget. 

Michael's always has a huge container of rubber and clear stamps for $1.00.  I must have hit them just after the Christmas stamps arrived because there were so many to choose from, I very painfully narrowed it down to these cuties and I can't say for sure which is my favorite because I love them all (maybe the mouse or the penquin or the reindeer, or...or...all of them)!  Best them on sale and only paid .66 each per stamp!  Oh Happy Day!

I'd say that when I send Christmas Cards I use a red sharpie 99.9% of the time to address the envelope.  I like the ultra fine point, they are permanent ink, dry on contact and don't smear...did I mention cheap!  Hobby Lobby has them for 30% off on a regular basis or you can get them at Michael's with a coupon.  Either way, they only run about $1.20 or so. 

Office Max ink pads are just as good for me as those super expensive ones at the craft stores, cheap too!  I try to buy them when they are buy 1 get 1 half off and use the roller ink refills. 

The little stickers are from Walmart, .97 for a huge roll, I put them on the back of the envelope seal.

Mailbox Happiness headed out the door for hardly any money and just a little time! 
4 Responses
  1. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    You really did get some cute rubber stamps. I scoured the bin the other day but I didn't find as many cute ones as you. I did pick up the Merry Christmas one though and I impulsively spent money on the more expensive Christmas Rubber Stamps that came in a package. Dumb!

    Your stickers are really cute.

    Your rubber stamping looks much more professional than my attempt at rubber stamping. Your envelopes look very nice.

    Good tips on the stamp pads and the sharpies.

  2. Alex Says:

    Very cute stamps! :D I got the "Merry Christmas" stamp too :P I love Michael's $1 stamps...such a great value! <3

  3. Angie Says:

    Thanks for leaving such sweet comments! Seems we all love the Merry Christmas stamp, which means we all have great taste! ;)