Christmas Cards & Postcards Out!

Goodbye mail,
you're on the way.
Here's to safe travel
and making someone's day!

It's been super busy over at the Christmas Card Round Robin on Postcrossing.   This is the most recent  stack of Christmas Cards loaded with Christmas Stamps that headed out to destinations worldwide.  If you love Christmas mail please feel free to join a group or two, I'd love to have you!

A few more outgoing *non-holiday* postcards.
Cute Hello Kitty eating ice cream Postcard
Thomas Kinkade Chapel Postcard
2011 Disneyland Lenticular Postcard (didn't photograph well, did it)

Dallas Skyline Postcard
Labrador Retriever Postcard
Boston Vintage Reprint Postcard

Mt. Rushmore Postcard
Tiffany Glass Postcard
5 Responses
  1. Amit Says:

    Such lovely and large bunch of outgoing mail. It feels amazing to see them.
    P.S.- I've got your wonderful letter today and I will write back to you soon.

  2. TomoyoHime Says:

    I bet it feels great to mail that pile out all in once. And knowing, I'll receive the same amount of mail too. ^^

  3. Kelly Dotty Says:

    What a lovely stack of mail, how satisfying it must be to send all that out. I haven't even thought about Christmas yet!

  4. So pretty, I'd love getting that much also! Some of those Christmas Cards are so beautiful and nice and pretty. :)

  5. Tanya Says:

    Those envelopes look fabulous!<3