Christmas from Germany, Netherlands & USA

Hello Christmas Cards you've arrived again,
bringing joy and smiles like an old friend.

With a cup of coffee and a break in the day,
we open each one to see what they'll say.
You send Hello's, Well Wishes and
loving thoughts for a Very Merry Christmas.

This is another one of those, perfect Christmas Cards to me!  Santa, animals (including an owl in the tree) little girl and mail flying off the back of the sleigh!
Arrived from Germany

I'm in love with the Blond Series of postcards and am thrilled to get this wonderful Blond Charity Christmas Card.  It's sold in class 7 (10-11 years old) and the profits go to national and international children charities.
Arrived from Netherlands.

This series of Netherlands Postage stamps is the Kinderpostzegels, sold by the children in the Netherlands door to door and the proceeds benefit children's charities.  I love them and Princess Alexia is adorable!  Maybe I'll get lucky and receive the rest on more cards.

Let Heaven and Nature Sing, love this sweet little card.
Arrived from USA.
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