Mail Arrival at the 2809!

Here's a peek at what arrived just yesterday!

Happy Easter
Happy Easter Bunnies!
Arrived from Turkey

Turkey Stamp
Turkey Stamp

Russian Valentine Card-Cute Children
Russian Valentine Card with adorable children.
Arrived from Russia

Valentine Card-Russia
The cutest Valentine Day's Card from Russia.

Merry Christmas Bears-Poland
Merry Christmas Bears from Poland!

Santa Claus Envelope-Poland
Since I'm a Santa Claus fan, I had to show you this wonderful Santa envelope from Poland!
Santa Claus envelope from Poland. 

Poland Stamps
Poland Stamps

Happy New Year! Belarus
Happy New Year card from my friend in Belarus!

Belarus Christmas Stamps
Belarus Christmas Stamps

Merry Christmas Cat! Turkey
Christmas Cat Card from Turkey.

Turkey Stamps
Turkey Stamps

Thailand Elephant
Thailand Elephant

Thailand Stamps
Thailand Stamps

Hooker & Company Journeying through the Wilderness
Hooker & Company Journeying through the Wilderness in 1636 from Plymouth to Hartford
by Frederic Edwin Church.

USA-Lunar New Year Stamp 2012
USA Lunar New Year Stamp

The Wizard of Oz by Kim Min Ji
The Wizard of Oz illustration by Kim Min Ji of China

China Stamps
China Stamps

Sleeping Cat
Sleeping Cat.  This is exactly how my cat, Hershey sleeps all the time!

Taiwan Year of the Dragon Stamp
Taiwan Year of the Dragon Stamp

Malaysia Village by Huday Hayat
Malaysia Village by Hudry Hayat

Malaysia Stamp
Malaysia Stamp

Singapore Stamp
I received this beauiful Nile River Stamp on a package from Singapore, it's so beautiful and detailed!

Our Mailbox is Happy Everyday!

Postcards-There really is a postcard for any and every topic you can imagine. 

How many people do you know get Guinea Pigs, Beautiful Snow, Cats, French Horns, Butterflies and Giraffe's writing postcards delivered to their mailboxes?  Bits of happiness for Meredith & I everyday!
Adorable Guinea Pigs
Guinea Pig Postcards exist!  They really do!  This is our...well really Meredith's...first Guinea Pig Postcard to receive.  Meredith and a very nice lady from the Netherlands have been exchanging postcards and she was so kind to send this to Mer!  See how cute, their tiny pink feet it!

Netherland Stamps-Bert & Ernie
Netherlands Stamps with Bert & Ernie

Vermont Sugar House in Snow
Living in Texas, this is not a view that I've ever seen.
Authenic Sugar House in Vermont.

Illustrated Cat on Books
Adorable Russian Illustrated Cat on Story Books.

French Horn
The very first card I've ever seen showing a French Horn, my son played the French Horn in high school so this is a perfect card for me! 

Poland Cat Stamp
Beautiful Poland Persian Cat Stamp

Beautiful Yellow Butterfly
Postcrossing Official FI-1348331 arrived for Meredith, such a pretty yellow butterfly.

Finland Stamps-Yellow Flowers
Finland Stamps, love the spring flowers.

Giraffe Writing Letters-Illustrated
Look closely at this Illustrated Giraffe, he/she is putting a stamp on a postcard!  I love it!

Russia Stamps
Russia Stamps

Texas Brags Postcard-Texas Size!

I love mapcards, old and new and especially if they are about Texas!  This is a true gem and all about "Texas & Proud Texans" of course!

Texas Mapcard-Big Postcard
Here Lies Texas Mapcard

"Texas occupies all of the continent of North America except a small part set aside for the United States,   Canada and Mexico.  It is bordered on the north by 30-odd states and on the east by all the oceans except the Pacific, on the south by the Texas Border and on the west by the Pacific Ocean and the rest of the world."  from "Texas Braggs"

Texas Is:
SO BIG that they practice 'round the world flying here without ever crossing the border!
SO FLAT that they put signs up to the tell the rivers which way to run!
SO WILD that not even the law of gravity is obeyed.
SO WOOLLY that they supply 35% of U.S. wool and 90% of the mohair and still have enough left to pull the wool over your eyes!

Texans Are:
SO PROUD that it takes 10-gallon hats to contain the swellhead!
SO RUGGED that the wild Indians, buffalo herds and longhorns just gave up and disappeared!
SO INDEPENDENT that they have their own Independence Day! (March 2nd, when they became an independent nation in 1836.)
SO HOSPITABLE they don't care who comes to Texas!

Here Lies Texas-Big Postcard
The back of the postcard is equally entertaining!

Mail Travels for Miles...

Mail travels for miles
Mail brings me smiles
From me to you
You to me
Oh how wonderful mail can be

Happy Easter Bunny
Happy Easter Bunny & Eggs!  Easter will be here before we know it and the holiday cards are starting to arrive!
Arrived from England

England Stamp
England Stamp

Children in Boats-Vietnam
A beautiful scene of children sitting in boats in Vietnam.

Vietnam Stamps
Viet Nam Stamps

Fruits & Berries Multiple Images
Summer is fast approaching here in the USA, fruits and berries are always a wonderful part of summer!
Arrived from Russia

Russia Stamps
Russia Stamps

Pink & White Heart Cookie
Mmmmmm....A Pink and White Heart Shaped Cookie!
Arrived from The Netherlands

Netherland Stamp
Netherland Cow Stamp

City Hall in Wroclaw Poland
A fantastic nightview of City Hall in Wroclaw, Poland! 

Poland Stamps
Poland Stamps

Postcrossing Official US-1561357 arrived for Meredith.  Bison-The State Mammal of Kansas.
I think I've said this before but it's worth repeating, if you have children Postcrossing is a great avenue for them to learn, travel and appreciate this fine earth we are living on. 

USA Stamp
USA Bonsai Stamp

Mail Call...What a Haul!

Mail Call...What a Haul! 
Outgoing Mail 3.5.12
A penpal letter headed somewhere in the USA.

Incoming Mail 3.5.12
Incoming Mail for 3.5.12, lots of yummy goodness in that stack!

Incoming Mail 3.5.12
Mail, Mail, Mail...

Sweetest Spring Gift from Ana
Ana is a fantastic penpal and friend!  She sent me this very sweet gift, talk about making me feel special!  I love it!

Penpal Letter from Italy
A wonderful letter from my penpal in Italy!

Card from Canada
A very nice note from a wonderful reader!

The Saturday Evening Post
I'm a huge Norman Rockwell fan so imagine my delight when I found this Saturday Evening Post Postcard Book full of cards by him.
Posta Botanica
Posta Botanica Cards by Helen Buttfield are beautiful works of art, another great find.

Posta Botanica-Wild Rose
Wild Rose Postcard by Helen Buttfield in the Posta Botanica Postcard Book.