Rain, Sun, Sleet or Snow-The Mailman Always Shows!

Hello to anyone that stops by, I hope you are doing well today! 

We are almost sweating here in Dallas where it's going to hit 80 today, soon to be in the 100+ temps I'm sure.  Doesn't matter though because the mailman comes in rain, sun, sleet or snow!  More goodies arrived yesterday!

Paris France City View
Paris, France-Beautiful Aerial View!

France Stamp
France Stamp

19th Century Chinese Residence
Official Postcrossing CN-531897

China Bird Stamp
China Bird Stamp

China Stamps
China Stamp

Sweet Puppy Dogs
Official Postcrossing TW-464544 arrived for Meredith. 
Cute pups aren't they!
Arrived from Taiwan

Taiwan Stamps
Taiwan Stamps

Honey Sandwich Recipe
Official Postcrossing CZ-165211 arrived for Meredith. 
A recipe for Honey Sandwich from the Czech Republic
Czech Republic Stamps
Czech Republic Stamps

Elephant Heart
Who doesn't love Elephants, add a heart to the mix and it's even better!
Arrived from Japan

Japan Stamps
Japan Stamps

Fryslan Netherlands
Offical Postcrossing NL-1053976 arrived for Meredith. 
She's been busy sending and receiving cards!

Limoon Poppies of the Moon
Limoon Correspondances Card-Poppies Of The Moon
The artwork, colors and attention to details on Limoon Cards are excellent!

Happy Valentine's Day Children
Russian Children-Happy Valentine's Day!

Russia Stamp
Russia Stamps
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