Mail Call...What a Haul!

Mail Call...What a Haul! 
Outgoing Mail 3.5.12
A penpal letter headed somewhere in the USA.

Incoming Mail 3.5.12
Incoming Mail for 3.5.12, lots of yummy goodness in that stack!

Incoming Mail 3.5.12
Mail, Mail, Mail...

Sweetest Spring Gift from Ana
Ana is a fantastic penpal and friend!  She sent me this very sweet gift, talk about making me feel special!  I love it!

Penpal Letter from Italy
A wonderful letter from my penpal in Italy!

Card from Canada
A very nice note from a wonderful reader!

The Saturday Evening Post
I'm a huge Norman Rockwell fan so imagine my delight when I found this Saturday Evening Post Postcard Book full of cards by him.
Posta Botanica
Posta Botanica Cards by Helen Buttfield are beautiful works of art, another great find.

Posta Botanica-Wild Rose
Wild Rose Postcard by Helen Buttfield in the Posta Botanica Postcard Book.
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