Texas Brags Postcard-Texas Size!

I love mapcards, old and new and especially if they are about Texas!  This is a true gem and all about "Texas & Proud Texans" of course!

Texas Mapcard-Big Postcard
Here Lies Texas Mapcard

"Texas occupies all of the continent of North America except a small part set aside for the United States,   Canada and Mexico.  It is bordered on the north by 30-odd states and on the east by all the oceans except the Pacific, on the south by the Texas Border and on the west by the Pacific Ocean and the rest of the world."  from "Texas Braggs"

Texas Is:
SO BIG that they practice 'round the world flying here without ever crossing the border!
SO FLAT that they put signs up to the tell the rivers which way to run!
SO WILD that not even the law of gravity is obeyed.
SO WOOLLY that they supply 35% of U.S. wool and 90% of the mohair and still have enough left to pull the wool over your eyes!

Texans Are:
SO PROUD that it takes 10-gallon hats to contain the swellhead!
SO RUGGED that the wild Indians, buffalo herds and longhorns just gave up and disappeared!
SO INDEPENDENT that they have their own Independence Day! (March 2nd, when they became an independent nation in 1836.)
SO HOSPITABLE they don't care who comes to Texas!

Here Lies Texas-Big Postcard
The back of the postcard is equally entertaining!
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