Our Mailbox is Happy Everyday!

Postcards-There really is a postcard for any and every topic you can imagine. 

How many people do you know get Guinea Pigs, Beautiful Snow, Cats, French Horns, Butterflies and Giraffe's writing postcards delivered to their mailboxes?  Bits of happiness for Meredith & I everyday!
Adorable Guinea Pigs
Guinea Pig Postcards exist!  They really do!  This is our...well really Meredith's...first Guinea Pig Postcard to receive.  Meredith and a very nice lady from the Netherlands have been exchanging postcards and she was so kind to send this to Mer!  See how cute, their tiny pink feet are...love it!

Netherland Stamps-Bert & Ernie
Netherlands Stamps with Bert & Ernie

Vermont Sugar House in Snow
Living in Texas, this is not a view that I've ever seen.
Authenic Sugar House in Vermont.

Illustrated Cat on Books
Adorable Russian Illustrated Cat on Story Books.

French Horn
The very first card I've ever seen showing a French Horn, my son played the French Horn in high school so this is a perfect card for me! 

Poland Cat Stamp
Beautiful Poland Persian Cat Stamp

Beautiful Yellow Butterfly
Postcrossing Official FI-1348331 arrived for Meredith, such a pretty yellow butterfly.

Finland Stamps-Yellow Flowers
Finland Stamps, love the spring flowers.

Giraffe Writing Letters-Illustrated
Look closely at this Illustrated Giraffe, he/she is putting a stamp on a postcard!  I love it!

Russia Stamps
Russia Stamps
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