Russia, Turkey, Italy, USA & More=Beauty in My Mailbox!

Beauty in my mailbox!

St. Basil's Cathedal-Russia
Official Postcrossing RU-755076
Beautiful St. Basil's Cathedral in Russia, I never tire of cards from Russia!
Gelibolu Turkey
Official Postcrossing TR-86116
A nice multiview showing Gelibolu, Turkey.

Mt. Hood Oregon
Oregon holds a special place in my heart and always will.
Look at the majestic beauty of Mt. Hood at sunset.
Basilica de. S. Giustina
Basilica di S. Giustina in Padova Italy

Italy Stamps
Italy Stamps

Heart Lei
Heart Shaped Lei's
Arrived from Germany

Germany Stamps
Arrived from Germany

Tower of Blue Horses-Franz Marc
Tower of Blue Horses by Franz Marc
Arrived from Germany

Germany Stamps
Germany Stamps
Forbidden City-Beijing China
Official Postcrossing 1560399
Forbidden City in Bejing China
Arrived from USA
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