Mail Out the Door!

Mail is on the way and it feels good!

I've missed you all and posting here, it's time to get back to my regular schedule!  Some of the departing postcards from yesterday headed to Finland, Canada, Russia, The Netherlands, Germany & Lithuania.

Kliban Cat & Sandman



Southwest Cowpoke Chili

Thomas Kinkade Rock of Salvation
4 Responses
  1. TomoyoHime Says:

    Love love love the Thomas Kinkade one! Great to see you're posting again.

  2. Amit Says:

    Love all the postcards and my favorite ones are the first two cards and the last one. I wonder where you buy such wonderful cards...

  3. TomoyoHime-Thanks so much, I've missed being around!

  4. Amit-I buy postcards anytime I can find them, they are hard to find so I never pass them up!