Mail Happiness at the 2809

I hope you all have a Very Happy Mail Monday!

My lovely penpal Mariska sent me a wonderful letter and included a envelope full of mail goodness!  She even included a Forever Friends Christmas card, I love them and they aren't available here in the USA.

Penpal Letter

Penpal Letter

Miss Bonbon Bride & Groom

Forever Friends Christmas Card

Incoming Postcards~
Hong Kong
Hong Kong at night, beautiful!
Arrived from China

Girl Reading by Window
I love cards that show women or girls reading, this one is special indeed!
Arrived from Ireland

Ireland Postage Stamp
Ireland Postage Stamp

Lancy Cat on Piano
Lancy Cat on the Piano
Arrived from Taiwan

Taiwan Postage Stamps

Taiwan Postage Stamps
2 Responses
  1. Hawwa Says:

    I also like postcards of women reading. I have a little collection:

    This one is beautiful!

  2. I'm so glad you received all my things and loved them of course. :) Take your time with writing back. I have another card on the way to you by the way. :) Hope you'll receive that soon too. Hugs