Mail Makes Me Sing!

Sending & Receiving Mail,
such a lovely way to start
and end the day!

I am passionate about Victoria Kirdy Postcards and recently had an opportunity to do a trade with a lovely lady in Russia. Here are the first of several that I'll be posting the next few days!  If you were driving down my street you would have witnessed me hopping, skipping, jumping and singing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah on the way back from the mailbox when they arrived!

Victoria Kirdy Postcard
She kindly translated the quote on the back for me.
 Top Quote-
"There are three things that cannon be forgiven to a woman.  But nobody know why and what these things are.  ~Janina Ipohorska
Bottom Quote-
You need the power of a devil to be as patient as an angel.

Victoria Kirdy Postcard
Top Quote-To be on a balanced diet is to hold two similar pieces of cake in both hands.
Bottom Quote-It's not overweight, it's the additional place to kiss.

Santa in Chimney Merry Christmas Postcard
A whimsy Santa Claus upside down in the chimney, so cute!
Arrived from China

China Floral Postage Stamps
China Floral Postage Stamps

~Outgoing Mail~
I always read profiles and do my very best to pick postcards that I think the recipient will love, it's really the best part of sending and receiving postcards to me!  If you see a postcard that you'd love to have, email me and I just might have an extra to send your way!

Rise of the Guardian Postcard

Thomas Kinkade & Earth Postcards

Earlier Times Postcards

Dallas Postcards

Austin Postcard

2 Responses
  1. Amit Says:

    Lovely Mail!! I love those Victoria Kirdy cards you've got. The painting card in your outgoing mail and the other two black and white postcards are really great...

  2. I especially like that Thomas Kinkade garden gate one.