Penpal Letters On the Way!

Penpal letters on the way today!    Hopefully they travel safely and quickly. ;)

Yoohoo, do you make your own envelopes too?  Is it hard for you to resist picking up things here and there to decorate your envelopes with?  Do you tend to lean toward bright and happy, vintage or some other style of envelope?

It's a fact that I have enough paper to make a million envelopes but when I see new papers that I love, I can't keep from bringing them home and it's generally bright and happy colors.  How about you, what do you lean towards?

4 Responses
  1. beautiful envelopes for sure. yay, i see one for me i am so excited. did my postcards make it to you??have a good week

  2. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    I have so many stacks of papers for making envelopes too. I'm not sure what my style is but I do love vintage and girly. It's hard for me not to bring more paper home if I'm out and about and see something I really like.

  3. Missy Terry Says:

    I love the colors in your envelopes. I have lots of pretty paper but haven't tried making envelopes yet. I like bright colors and girly designs.

  4. Really love all the envelopes! Especially the second one. :) How did you make that one? I make my own envelopes too, but you know that. :)