Good Day to You!

Good Day
how are you?
feeling happy?
feeling blue?
write a little mail
no matter your mood.

Oh dear, I'm behind on my least to me.  It seems that after not sleeping for several nights in a row, my brain wasn't really that interested in writing anything on paper (who knows what it would have been).  Last night was amazing, I slept all night which means I'm ready to get back to writing!  Yay!

Incoming Mail-the beautifully decorated envelope is from my wonderful penpal JarieLyn.  The Valentine card and other letter are both from Lettermo participants.

It was thrilling to receive this wonderful sheep card and letter from Jan, love the envelope too!

Mariska knows how much I love Christmas cards so she wrote her last letter to me on the adorable Pooh and Piglet Christmas card.

Cute new return address labels I just received, love that they are mail related!
4 Responses
  1. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    Those address labels are adorable.

  2. I like all that happy mail, I also make my Address Labels. It's fun making them. :) That mail is awesome that you got Angie. :)

  3. Wow, love all your mail! Nice to see my cards too. :) I'm glad they reached safely at your mailbox. :)