Oh Happy Day...

Mail arrival has come again
makes my day, happiness sets in.
Cards and letters are fantastic to me,
they keep me in touch with friends I can't see!

Incoming Mail
Beautiful card from my penpal in Germany.  She always has the prettiest cards.

Water Color Envelope-Outgoing
This water color pink and blue envelope is on the way to California.  It contains a postcard that was sent to a couple in California but arrived with my mail here in Texas.  I'm sure their friend or family who is visiting the Netherlands wanted them to have it so it's on the way...with a slight delay in flight.

Sapa Vietnam in Spring
Sapa Vietnam in Spring-Dreamy isn't it.

Vietnam Postage Stamps
Vietnam Postage Stamps

Victoria Kirdy Eat Your Vegetables
Victoria Kirdy Cat Illustration

Russia Postage Stamps
Russia Postage Stamps

Orange Heart
Yummy orange heart

Malta Postage Stamp
Malta Postage Stamp

Ladybird The Adventures of Wonk
Ladybird Book Cover-The Adventures of Wonk
Arrived from France

France Postage Stamps
France Postage Stamps-Beautiful

Christmas Tree
It's never, ever too early or too late...however you choose to look at it for a Christmas card, never I say! ;) This one had been on it's way since November 2012, arrived in perfect condition after 4 months travel time.

Belarus New Year Stamp
Belarus New Year Postage Stamp
4 Responses
  1. Still no package from the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt? :(

  2. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    I don't know why but I really like that yummy orange heart and I love the Adventures of Wonk.

  3. Amit Says:

    Lovely mail!!! All the cards and stamps are so beautiful and the first card with candles is my favorite one...

  4. Almonda Says:

    I love those stamps from Vietnam. :)