Put Your Words On Paper

Put your words on paper,
Mail them to me.
I'll respond and send them to thee.
We can share and have fun,
Keep it light and easy.
Or go deep and dark,
Whatever comes easy.

(A little note about the rhymes, poems I post here: They come out of my head just like you read them, good or bad.)

Outgoing 8.27.12
Here's a quick peek at a little of what went out yesterday.  The beautiful card on the left is by Emily Winfield Martin.  You can find her shop, The Black Apple, on etsy.  The cat is none other that a Kliban!

Outgoing 8.27.12
Time to practice something than my "normal" handwriting.

Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee-Canada
Talk about thrilled to see this card tucked into my mail stack, you can't even imagine!  Even more exciting to realize it's from Wanda in Canada who is a reader here!  The card shows a retrospective of postage issued by Canada with Queen Elizabeth on it and you can see the beautiful stamp just below.  Wanda, Thank you so much!  You made our day here at the 2809!

Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Canada Stamp
Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Canada Stamp 2012

Snoopy Reading
Who doesn't love Snoopy?  I had this adorable Snoopy card in my Postcrossing Favorites (do you belong) and doesn't everyone have a better day with Snoopy around!  I know, I do!!

Portugal Stamp
Portugal Postage Stamp

Penpal Letter
Penpal Letter from Manuela in Germany.  Whoop, love receivin' letters!
4 Responses

  1. Angie Says:

    They are such happy cards with wonderful colors, I love them too! Thanks for stopping by, have a great mail day!

  2. Amit Says:

    I loved the Queen Elizabeth card and stamp and not to forget the other stuff that you've posted as well.Thanks lot for sharing!!!!

  3. Angie Says:

    Hi Amit, Thanks so much! ;) Waving to you from Texas and sending wishes for a wonderful mail day today!