Letter, Postcards, Stamps...That's What it's All About

Outgoing 8.24.12
Here's a letter that departed yesterday.  The envelope is made from a recycled stamp envelope.  I made a cut out for the address and used super bright colors.  Grew weary of writing on paper this week so this letter is on matching bright index cards, you can just see them peeking through the envie. 

I'm a freaking taco
A sweet blog reader, Kelsey, from Me and My Nail Polish sent me this cute taco card.  Thanks Kelsey and keep an eye on your mailbox! ;)

White Kittens
Cute white kittens arrived from Slovenia, adorable! 

Slovenia Stamps
Slovenia Stamps

Kittens Outside
Sweet kittens sitting in the grass, they don't look all that please about it...do they?

Sweden Stamps
Sweden Stamps
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