Hello Mail...You've Come Again

Hello mail you've come again,
You bring me lots of cards and friends.
Doesn't matter short or long,
I like to know how you're getting along.

Sydney Harbour Bridge-Australia
I love cards showing fireworks, getting one makes for an amazing mail day! A maxicard with Sydney Harbour Bridge at New Year's Eve with a spectaculer fireworks show.

Wish I knew what this Chimpanzee was thinking!

Cat & Mouse
Who do you think is more curious, the cat or the mouse (or is it a hamster)? 

Moldova Stamp
Moldova Stamps, just gorgeous!

Baikal Lake Russia
Lake Baikal in Russia is the world's oldest lake, at 25 million years (possibly older), and deepest, averaging 744.4 m (2,442 ft).

Outgoing 8.27.12
A letter out to my penpal on Monday.

Outgoing 8.29.12
Outgoing Swap

Feline Mail Helper-Miss Kiss
Miss Kiss generally helps me with some part of my mail day, today she held the twine.  Wasn't that nice of her. ;)

Feline Mail Helper-Not Ready to Vogue
I asked her to pose for a pic and she politely but firmly responded, "Darling, I Am Posing."  
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Miss Kiss looks a lot like MY kitty-cat Betty!