Postcards, Such a Fine Sight

Postcards, such a fine sight to see
One from me
Sent to thee
Traveling the world
For all to see 

Snowy Owl
Beautiful Snowy Owl for my Owl collection

Victoria Kirdy
Another Victoria Kirdy card made it's way to my mailbox, yipeee!

Merry Christmas Russia
I smile every time a christmas card arrives, this one is from Russia and shows Grandfather Frost and Snowmaiden.  Russian christmas cards always have wonderful vibrant colors!

Sweets from Malaysia
3 Responses
  1. Alex Says:

    A Christmas card in August? ^__^

  2. Angie Says:

    Yes, ;)
    I host the Christmas Card/Holiday RR on Postcrossing [link on my sidebar) and there are some of us who like to send Christmas Cards during the year. Keeps the spirit alive all year long! You should join this year!

  3. Alex Says:

    Oh I had no idea! That's awesome! :D