Penpal Letters, Guinea Pigs & Silly Cats

Good Morning to you,
Good Morning to you!
It's time to send a lot of mail
and brighten someone's mood!

Incoming Penpal Letter
Penpal letter on cute stationery from Mariska in the Netherlands.

Penpal Letter
Penpal letter on beautiful card from Jackie in the USA.

Guinea Pigs Eating Cauliflower
Guinea Pigs eating cauliflower...wheek! wheek!  This is the cutest postcard to me, maybe because we have 5 guinea pigs!  If you ever see a guinea pig postcard, pretty please contact me.  I will happily trade almost anything to get a few.
Arrived from the Netherlands

Netherlands Postage Stamps
Netherlands Postage Stamps

Meredith loves cat postcards so I did a little trade as a surprise for her.
Cat Relaxing
Silly Cat!

Russia Postage Stamps
Russia Postage Stamps

Cat Writing Letter
Cat writing a letter!

Russia Postage Stamp
Russia Postage Stamps

2 Responses
  1. Hi dear, I'm so happy you got my letter! Finally. :)
    Oh, if I see more guineapigs cards I will send them to you! I have a few left I believe. I didn't knew you would like them! I will then send them with my next letter. Okay? Hugs

  2. Chelo Says:

    You have a lot of mail.
    I really liked the letter from the USA. These writing paper is sooo cute!!