I Never Get Tired of Postcards. Ever.

I never get tired of postcards. Ever.

The variety is endless, artists are amazing, there's room for a short message or write small and send a long message, attach lovely stamps and ta-da you're done.  Drop it in the mailbox and know that when it reaches the intended destination, you're going to make someone smile...everyone can use an extra smile these days!

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Incognitio Cat Postcard
Clockwork Kitty Postcard
Arrived from Netherlands

Chicken Little Cat Postcard
Chicken Little arrived via sendsomething, beautiful cat.

Vintage USA Postage Stamp
Vintage Irish Immigration USA Postage Stamp

Adorable Owl Postcard
Cute little Owl
Arrived from Russia

Russia Postage Stamps
Russia Postage Stamp

Snowman with Flowers for You Postcard
Snowman with flowers for you!  Makes me smile!
Arrived from Finland

Finland Postage Stamp
Finland Postage Stamp

Happy Time Postcard
Happy Time Postcard-Thinking of you and wishing you all of life's best today and always.
Arrived from Malaysia.

Malaysia Postage Stamp
Malaysia Postage Stamp

4 Responses
  1. ~JarieLyn~ Says:

    I love the Malaysia postcard and the owl. Very nice.

  2. oww the Clockwork Kitty Postcard its so cute, I have the bunny ones and is adorable! :D

  3. Sandra Says:

    I totally adore the Finnish stamp! I don't have that one in my collection just yet!

  4. No, I also don't ever get bored of getting mail! :) I love the Happy Time Postcard a lot! :)