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Sweet Kittens Vintage Grey Cat & Blue Bow Mainzer Cat Postcard
I know there are a lot of people that collect vintage postcards because I go to Postcard Shows and meet them.  Such a nice, friendly bunch!  I watch them look for bits and pieces of the life they used to know or views of things they grew up with.  Street scenes, courthouses, certain buildings, stadiums, cards by certain publishers, holidays, animals, etc.  If you haven't been to a postcard show, imagine a room with literally thousands upon thousands of cards waiting for you to pick and choose from, mostly vintage of course. 

I'll admit, I have a soft spot for certain types of vintage cards, holidays (which shouldn't surprise you), cats (for Meredith) and Curt Teich Linen Postcards for me.

Occasionally, I'm able to find modern cards to buy for use on Postcrossing but mostly Mer and I add to our ever growing, large collection of vintage cards.

I'd say one of the best things about going to a Postcard Show is the education I've received so willingly from people who have been collecting for many years prior to Mer and I.  They share their love of postcards, what made them start collecting, their favorite cards to collect.  The photo, print and often painting process, how to value a card, what's valuable and what's not.  So many people, so many opportunities to learn.
If you have a chance to make it to a Postcard Show in your area, you should.  Many friendly faces to be found and again much to learn!  I've listed a few show schedules below, I'm sure there are many, many more just google postcard show in your area.

Courthouse Square Schedule
Midwest Postcards
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