Going, Going, Gone!

Today, I'm sharing some pics of mail that I've sent recently and one of incoming.  Sometime's I'm great at remembering to take pics, sometimes...not so much.

Outgoing 5.2
My grandmother's favorite all time movie is, Gone with the Wind, imagine her surprise when Meredith sent her this huge (8x10) postcard from the movie.

Outgoing Mail 5.2
Mail that departed on May 2nd.

Outgoing 5.4
Stamps on mail that departed on May 4th.

Outgoing 5.4
Mail departed on May 4th.

Outgoing Mail 5.7.12
Mail departed on May 7th.

Incoming Mail 5.3
Wonderful incoming mail on May 3rd which included a package from my world travelling penpal Ana and a letter from a reader...so exciting!
2 Responses
  1. Lady Kay Says:

    What gorgeous postcards you've got!

    - k

  2. 365 Letters Says:

    Isn't it such fun to pick and choose all that postage to put on the outgoing mail! It's almost as fun as writing the letters! I enjoy your blog!