Mint Green Summer Weddings

Mint Green is such a soothing, beautiful color and it's hot for weddings right now.  My mint green and white wedding garland is on the top row of this lovely etsy treasury.

Monday Mail

The bunny says, "Hello"
and so do I!
Have a wonderful Monday
and get your mail ready to fly!

Lop Bunny
I love this series of cards and the bunny couldn't be any cuter!

Netherlands Postage Stamps
Netherlands Postage Stamps

Reindeer Party
Anytime is a great time for a Christmas-Holiday Card, adorable reindeer!
France Postage Stamp
France Postage Stamps

Woman in White Reading
Woman in White by John Duncan Fergusson, beautiful!

Malaysia Postage Stamp
Malaysia Postage Stamp

Magic Journey
Magic Journey Part 2 from the series of, "Travelers in the Country of Dreams".  I'm currently looking for the rest in the series.  Do you have them? ;)

Russia Postage Stamps

Russia Postage Stamps

Incoming Mail-Lovely & Bright!

Etsy Update:
It's been fun so far, I've had sales (that's always a great thing) and learned more in the last 30 days about more things than I can count on two hands!

The Downside:
While I've been learning, learning and learning (mostly about photography, did you know that paper isn't that easy to photograph) I've fallen behind, behind and more behind on sending letters I owe.  Oh, I want to sit down and write...I think of each and every one of you and what I want to tell you about.  The things I want to include in my letters and the stationery I want to use but by the time I finish with etsy (please tell me I will eventually get better and not take so long to learn things) and all that goes with that, I'm wiped out.  Literally.wiped.out.

I miss all of you something terrible, I miss your handwriting, what's going on in your lives, your envelopes, your paper, sharing with you, making envelopes for you, picking out stamps.  I miss my balance.  Please don't give up on me, I'm trying, really.  Hugs to you!

Future King-Queen of Netherlands
The future King & Queen of The Netherlands, aren't they pretty!

Cute Kiss!

It's A Bird Day!
It's a Bird Day!

Ferris Wheel
Beautiful Ferris Wheel!

Netherlands Postage Stamps
Netherlands Postage Stamps

Mail Happiness at the 2809

I hope you all have a Very Happy Mail Monday!

My lovely penpal Mariska sent me a wonderful letter and included a envelope full of mail goodness!  She even included a Forever Friends Christmas card, I love them and they aren't available here in the USA.

Penpal Letter

Penpal Letter

Miss Bonbon Bride & Groom

Forever Friends Christmas Card

Incoming Postcards~
Hong Kong
Hong Kong at night, beautiful!
Arrived from China

Girl Reading by Window
I love cards that show women or girls reading, this one is special indeed!
Arrived from Ireland

Ireland Postage Stamp
Ireland Postage Stamp

Lancy Cat on Piano
Lancy Cat on the Piano
Arrived from Taiwan

Taiwan Postage Stamps

Taiwan Postage Stamps

Kreate-a-Lope Envelopes Easy & Fun to Make!

Most of us who love mail also love envelopes, right!

The more unique the better and in my case that generally means making my own out of papers from old books, magazines, maps, scrapbook paper pads...whatever suits my fancy at the time.

Finding a great, fast and easy way to make envelopes has always been the challenge for me so imagine my delight when Nick Romer, the creator of Kreate-a-lope sent me a couple of his envelope templates to try out.  No scissors required!


I received the A2 (4' 3/8 x 5' 5/8) and A7 (5" x 7" 1/8) for this review.

Kreatalope Template

Kreatealope Template

I picked a couple of papers to try and what a breeze it was!  Easy instructions to follow, and my envelopes came together in a snap!  No scissors required, what a great feeling!

Kreatalope Envelopes

I love this product,  it will certainly get used a lot here at Mailbox Happiness!

Thank You Nick for sponsoring this post and please check out his fantastic Kickstarter Campaign!

Mail-Great Way to Start the Day!

Early and bright,
sweet little birds
singing with all their might.

It's my favorite time of day
to get mail ready and 
started on it's way.

Victoria Kirdy
Victoria Kirdy Postcard
The lady on the left is saying: "One can believe only a half of what woman says.  But which half?" ~Wanda Blenska

Lady on the right-"When I'm good, I'm very good.  When I'm bad, I'm better." ~Mae West

Russia Postage Stamp
Russia Postage Stamp

The Bird Girl Postcard
The Bird Girl-Very pretty card from A Fanciful Twist on Etsy.
Arrived from USA

USA Vintage Postage Stamps
Vintage USA Postage Stamps-Modern Dance and Love

I Love Taiwan Postcard
I Love Taiwan-Cute, Cute, Cute!
Arrived from Taiwan

Taiwan Postage Stamps
Taiwan Postage Stamps

Redwood National Forest Postcard
Redwood National Forest in California.  I have yet to visit the Redwood National Park but it's on my list!

Arrived from USA

Mail Makes Me Sing!

Sending & Receiving Mail,
such a lovely way to start
and end the day!

I am passionate about Victoria Kirdy Postcards and recently had an opportunity to do a trade with a lovely lady in Russia. Here are the first of several that I'll be posting the next few days!  If you were driving down my street you would have witnessed me hopping, skipping, jumping and singing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah on the way back from the mailbox when they arrived!

Victoria Kirdy Postcard
She kindly translated the quote on the back for me.
 Top Quote-
"There are three things that cannon be forgiven to a woman.  But nobody know why and what these things are.  ~Janina Ipohorska
Bottom Quote-
You need the power of a devil to be as patient as an angel.

Victoria Kirdy Postcard
Top Quote-To be on a balanced diet is to hold two similar pieces of cake in both hands.
Bottom Quote-It's not overweight, it's the additional place to kiss.

Santa in Chimney Merry Christmas Postcard
A whimsy Santa Claus upside down in the chimney, so cute!
Arrived from China

China Floral Postage Stamps
China Floral Postage Stamps

~Outgoing Mail~
I always read profiles and do my very best to pick postcards that I think the recipient will love, it's really the best part of sending and receiving postcards to me!  If you see a postcard that you'd love to have, email me and I just might have an extra to send your way!

Rise of the Guardian Postcard

Thomas Kinkade & Earth Postcards

Earlier Times Postcards

Dallas Postcards

Austin Postcard