Postcards=Happy Mail!

Wonderful, happy mail far outweighs the dull, drab everyday mail that arrives at the 2809!

New Jersey Mapcard
New Jersey Mapcard-USA

Music, Hearts & Fountain Pen
Heart related cards are a favorite and this one show the fountain pen used to make the musical notes, perfect!
Arrived from Germany
Germany Stamp
Germany Stamps

Mu & Me-Amelia & Hugo
Amelia & Hugo by Mu & Me in South Africa, I'm so in love with this card! 
Arrived from South Africa

South Africa Stamps
South Africa Stamps

A lovely and wonderful Jetoy card made it's way to me...made my day!
Arrived from USA

USA Stamps
Vintage USA Stamps-The Blacksmith, The Leatherworker, The Seamstress & them!
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