A little bit of Amsterdam, Switzerland & Amish in my life!

A little bit of Amsterdam, Switzerland & Amish in my life!

A beautiful multiview of Amsterdam, I wish all multiview cards were this nice!
PC NL-1166025

A cute card from Switzerland!

Switzerland Stamp
Switzerland Stamp

Amish Barn Raising
I love any and all types of Amish cards so imagine my delight when I received this one,showing a barn raising. 

"Over 200 men worked to raise this barn 7 till noon.  Amish call this a frolic."

USA Indianapolis Stamp
USA Indianapolis 500 Stamp

Oh Happy Day, look what the mailman dropped off today!

Ukraine, Russia, Netherlands & USA it's such a nice way to travel the world through postcards and stamps! Love it!

Cat Family
Fantastic Illustrated Cat Postcard
Arrived from Ukraine

Ukraine Stamps
Ukraine Stamps

Happy Easter!
Happy Easter!
Arrived from Russia

Russia Stamps
Russia Stamps

A Passion for Chocolate Nouvelle
A Passion for Chocolate-Nouvelle Image Card
Arrived from Netherlands

Netherlands Stamps
Netherlands Stamps

Oregon Rhododendrons
Beautiful Oregon Rhododendrons

PP Letter 5.17.12
Penpal Letter from UK

Outgoing Mail

Adorable Owls, Portugal & Thailand

A few bits of goodness to share today!

Owls by Mila Marquis

This is my first postcard by Mila Marquis, isn't it lovely. 
Bright, cheery & happy! 

Year of the Dragon Stamp-France
Year of the Dragon Stamp from France

Portugal Jazz Postal Issued Card
Portugal Postal Issued Card

Portugal Stamp
Portugal Stamp

Thailand Women
Thailand Women

Thailand Stamps
Thailand Stamps

Vintage Postcards & Postcard Shows

Sweet Kittens Vintage Grey Cat & Blue Bow Mainzer Cat Postcard
I know there are a lot of people that collect vintage postcards because I go to Postcard Shows and meet them.  Such a nice, friendly bunch!  I watch them look for bits and pieces of the life they used to know or views of things they grew up with.  Street scenes, courthouses, certain buildings, stadiums, cards by certain publishers, holidays, animals, etc.  If you haven't been to a postcard show, imagine a room with literally thousands upon thousands of cards waiting for you to pick and choose from, mostly vintage of course. 

I'll admit, I have a soft spot for certain types of vintage cards, holidays (which shouldn't surprise you), cats (for Meredith) and Curt Teich Linen Postcards for me.

Occasionally, I'm able to find modern cards to buy for use on Postcrossing but mostly Mer and I add to our ever growing, large collection of vintage cards.

I'd say one of the best things about going to a Postcard Show is the education I've received so willingly from people who have been collecting for many years prior to Mer and I.  They share their love of postcards, what made them start collecting, their favorite cards to collect.  The photo, print and often painting process, how to value a card, what's valuable and what's not.  So many people, so many opportunities to learn.
If you have a chance to make it to a Postcard Show in your area, you should.  Many friendly faces to be found and again much to learn!  I've listed a few show schedules below, I'm sure there are many, many more just google postcard show in your area.

Courthouse Square Schedule
Midwest Postcards

Going, Going, Gone!

Today, I'm sharing some pics of mail that I've sent recently and one of incoming.  Sometime's I'm great at remembering to take pics, sometimes...not so much.

Outgoing 5.2
My grandmother's favorite all time movie is, Gone with the Wind, imagine her surprise when Meredith sent her this huge (8x10) postcard from the movie.

Outgoing Mail 5.2
Mail that departed on May 2nd.

Outgoing 5.4
Stamps on mail that departed on May 4th.

Outgoing 5.4
Mail departed on May 4th.

Outgoing Mail 5.7.12
Mail departed on May 7th.

Incoming Mail 5.3
Wonderful incoming mail on May 3rd which included a package from my world travelling penpal Ana and a letter from a reader...so exciting!

The 2809 Mailbox Loves Mail!

 Oh yes, the 2809 Mailbox loves mail and so do the people that live at The 2809! 

The Palace Bridge-Russia
The Palace Bridge at sunset with a view of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Palace Bridge is probably the most famous in St. Petersburg, thanks to its situation between the Winter Palace and the Strelka on Vasilevsky Ostrov. The bridge's five steel spans weigh 7,770 tons, and are supported by packed-rubble piers with granite facing. Opened in 1916, Palace Bridge was only fully completed in 1939, when the last decorative elements, which include beautiful cast-iron railings and ornate street lamps, were installed. Palace Bridge is most famous for the spectacular views it provides when raised at night during the summer.

Arrived from Russia
Russia Stamps
Russia Stamps

Shei-Pa National Park Taiwan
Shei-Pa National Park

Shei-Pa National Park was established in 1992, located at the border of Hsinchu, Miaoli and Taichung. It faces Guyan Mountain and Leshan in the north, Dajia River in the east, Beikeng Mountain and Xiaoxueshan in the west and Yuluowei Mountain and Dajia River in the south. Total area of the park is 76,850 hectares. Shei-Pa National Park is the fifth national park of Taiwan. The mountainous scenery is spectacular as there are several mountains in the park. The mountains are of different heights and the drop height reaches 3000 meters. The highest mountain is the Xueshan, 3,886 meters in height and it is the second highest mountain in Taiwan. The Xueshan, Yushan, Nanhuda Mountain, Xiuguluan Mountain and Beidawu Mountain are the five highest mountains in Taiwan. Dabajian Mountain is 3,492 meters in height. Dabajian Mountain, Zhongyangjian Mountain and Dafenjian Mountain are called the three Peak Mountains in Taiwan.
Shei-Pa National Park is noted for its rough geography and natural scenery. Mountains in the park are origins of major rivers in northern and central Taiwan. Erosion by the rivers has formed special scenes in the park. As for climate, the park has both sub-frigid and temperate climates and thus breeds various plants and animals. Wildlife here includes salmon, black bears, etc.

Arrived from Taiwan

Santa Claus & Puppy
It's always a happy day when Santa makes an appearance in the mailbox at the 2809!  Doesn't matter what month or day of the year, he makes me smile!

Arrived from Norway.

Seeing the World Via My Mailbox!

I love being able to see other parts of the world via my mailbox! 

Visiting many places are out of my reach, but thankfully because of postcards and kind people on this vast planet we inhabit I can enjoy many corners of the world via my mailbox!  Happiness...Yes!

If you happen to stop by here and would like to exchange postcards, please email me at:
Curitiba Brazil
This beautiful card shows Curitiba, Brazil. 

Brazil Stamp
Brazil Stamp

Freckle Face Boy
Painting by a Russian Artist but I can't read the name.

Russia Stamps
Russia Stamps

Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Nightview of Notre-Dame Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City!
Arrived from Vietnam.
Vietnam Stamps
Vietnam Stamps

Mail in and Mail Out...Mail, Mail All About!

Mail in, Mail Out...Mail, Mail All About!

Mail Arrival-USA & Germany
Penpal letters from USA & Germany

Incoming Mail
Postcard Swap, Penpal Letter (USA) & Postcards

Incoming Mail
My son will be graduating from Texas A&M very soon with a degree in Genetics. 
An invitation to attend a reception hosted by The Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics.

Garfield Chain Card Front #216
Chain Card #216 Front

Chain Card #216 Back
Chain Card #216 Back

Outgoing 4.28.12
Outgoing Mail 4.28.12